Help – Finding Shoes and a Backpack

Since I began developing the idea to put together this walk I have felt that one of the biggest advantages of raising money this way was how simple and low-cost walking would be. The only things I would really need would be a good pair of walking/hiking shoes and decent backpacking backpack.

The only problem though is that I don’t have either of these, nor do I have much extra money laying around to go out and purchase them myself. It has been my hope that I would be able to find an outdoor type business willing to donate these items. The people I’m working with at Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank suggested I do the same thing and since the they are certified 501 (c)(3) non-profit group, they told me that whoever is willing to donate these items can donate them to the food bank who can then provide the necessary forms for the business to fill out in order to get a tax deduction for the value of the donated goods.

I went to a couple different stores this morning and asked if anyone was interested but the responses weren’t that encouraging. The larger cooperate stores all referred me to their cooperate offices (which I guess makes senese). I’m going try their cooperate offices but am not sure how much success I’ll have trying to navigate their phone systems and maze of departments, etc in time to have the goods before I leave August 1st.

So I started looking for smaller family owned businesses. I think this probably would have been a better place to start anyone because smaller places usually have more of connection to the community and would probably be more interested in getting involved anyway. Unfortunately the first place I went was not interested, at least not this morning. They said I could come back later if I wanted – I think the boss was too busy with inventory or something. They did recommend another store I could try when I asked them if they knew of any other small outdoors stores. So I tried that and the people actually seemed very nice and potentially interested. They gave me their card and told me to email them the information. So maybe I’ll have something here.

Regardless, I am still in search of good shoes and a backpack. So if anyone knows of places you think might be willing to donate such items, or has a quality (fairly large) backpack and would be willing to donate/ let me borrow it for the trip I would really appreciate it.

The shoes and the backpack are the only two things I really NEED, but it would also be really nice to have some sort of GPS device with me in case I get lost and a pedometer so I know how far I’ve walked. So if anyone can help figure how to get these too I would also really appreciate it, but again these are necessities.

I would greatly appreciate any suggestions, advice, tips anyone could provide.




About adambrok

My name is Adam Brok. I am a recent graduate of DePauw University, a small liberal arts school in Greencastle, IN, where I was a Philosophy major and Jewish Studies minor. I am also a proud Pittsburgher. I come from a family and environment where helping people in need was just what you did. If you came across a friend, neighbor, or even a complete stranger that was in need of help, you stopped and did what you could to help. It was just as simple as that. As I grew and moved on to college I continued to help where I could. I volunteered as a student friend at a local elementary school where I served as a mentor and tutor to a kindergartner named Jordan and worked with a local church to help run their non-food pantry (where we supplied members of the community on food stamps with essentials like soap, toothpaste, detergent, etc, that cannot be purchased with food stamps). During the summers after my sophomore and junior years respectfully, I volunteered at the University of Pittsburgh Legal Clinic and The Pittsburgh Refugee and Immigration Assistance Center. I also was fortunate to have had the opportunity to spend the spring semester of my junior year in Philadelphia where I was a social work/legal intern in the Juvenile Special Defense Unit of the Defender Association of Philadelphia. It was during this semester in Philadelphia that I became really passionate about the issues of hunger and homelessness. It was impossible to walk around downtown Philly for more than ten minutes without seeing someone laying on the sidewalk or sitting in dirty clothes on a park bench asking for food and money. It was a scene I just couldn't get comfortable with seeing. Here I was a young college student without much money of my own, yet I had an apartment I slept in each night and food to wake up to each morning. Why should I be so fortunate and not the guy that slept on the sewer grate every night down the block from my bare, but warm apartment. That is when I decided that I needed to something, something much more and much greater than what I had done in the past. Being an avid exerciser and enjoying taking on physical challenges, I decided that I would walk from Pittsburgh to Philadelphia to raise money and awareness for the hungry and homeless.
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